How Much is Enough?

How funny. Just posted on this but from a different perspective. Maybe this is just a common thought into early retirement. You’re young enough to still pursue stuff but not sure if it’s worth the trading your time for it. What do you think?

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My holiday wandering took me down to a big new Marina where the super yachts, Ferraris and heliports decorated the harbour. Apart from tourists like me, gawping at the wealth we’d never have even a snowball’s chance in Hell of attaining, the place was deserted. Maybe the billionaires are too embarrassed to be seen here by the poor people, mouths agape and slavering at the sheer vulgarity and colossal tastelessness on display?

Superyacht Look, don’t touch.

Nobody else seemed to be bothered by the absence of those who control this wealth. In fact, other people were strolling the harbour side looking very happy, smiling at the deckhands and pointing at the display of ostentation in what seemed to be admiration. Clearly they derived some sort of pleasure from looking at objects that they would never, could never have the slightest hope of attaining and a lifestyle that will never be theirs. Whereas I…

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