Sorry Greenville, South Carolina-I was wrong ;)

This week, I earned my Family Development Credential Instructor certification.

I’ve been training family service workers and case managers all over Southern California for years and this seemed  like an easy way to give them a credential and offer college credit for the same training I’ve already been offering. 

I had originally planned on getting this done a few months ago in Chicago, but I waited so long to book it that the training was full. The next training available was this week, in Greenville, South Carolina. I was picturing some little hick town in the south. 

Those of you who know me, know I was just slightly more confrontational when I was younger and  in the military and had some pretty wild past experiences in the south so I always have a bit of hesitation about it when I go these days. 

Still, I had committed to the organizations I work with to get the training a few months ago so I had to attend this or break my word. 

So, I headed for Greenville. I figured the worst thing that could happen is that if I ran into some really disagreeable characters, I’d  just run them over with my rental car. 😉

On the way into Greenville, the first thing we noticed was the Confederate museum and I saw in the window of a nearby store a T-shirt that read Trump, guns, God. In that order….

I was actually starting to think about how I was going to explain all the dents and blood on my rental car when I returned it, when we saw downtown Greenville. 

I was totally wrong. For one thing, Greenville is not a small town. It’s actually a extremely nice small city, but they conciously cultivate a small town feel.

Far from being a backwater place. It’s actually a very affluent and sophisticated, at least in the downtown area.

It really was a combination of the idyllic towns you see on television and the downtown of a major city. People were friendly and welcoming. 

It was one of the best thought out small cities I’ve ever visited. They have beautiful green space and one of the best trail systems I have ever seen with over 20 miles of trails along streams and falls. 

The pictures don’t do it justice. It was so amazing I walked almost a mile to training every day just to enjoy the view. 

The most interesting part though was all the activities they have going. They have a small but thriving  art and theater scene, comedy and live music somewhere every night I was there. We checked out few places but  The Mellow Mushroom for pizza and Blues Boulevard for music were favorites.

Overall, Greenville was a scenic progressive  city with cool people. I’d go back for sure. 

Interesting sidenote. On my way,  out I noticed in the newspaper that the Confederate museum was honoring a black woman. 

I was so curious I stopped in find out what it was about. 

Ok. I’m lying. You fell for that? No freaking way. 

Too close to Trump, guns and God. 😉