Charlotte, North Carolina-Uptown

I only got a chance to spend a couple days in Charlotte, but it was worth the trip. I had never been to Charlotte  before, but I got a couple of recommendations from a friend on a few sites to see and it was surprisingly hip and progressive. 

This was the view from Farenheit, a very cool bar and restaurant in Uptown. The bar, restaurant and pool are all on the same floor. 

Actually, I found Charlotte to be very cosmopolitan with great architecture and walkable with plenty to do.

 The high point though, was the people. In every situation we ran into, I found the people to be very hospitable. Their customer service and willingness to make things enjoyable for visitors made it a very enjoyable trip.
They call Charlotte the Queen City and I spent couple of days trying to figure out why that was until I ran into this sign and  statue.

Turns out that the City of Charlotte was named after Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg, grandmother of Queen Victoria of England.  She was a patroness of the arts, an amateur botanist, and  had 15 children. 

Interestingly enough, Queen Charlotte is somewhat controversial because of speculation she may have been if at least partial African ancestry. 

Uptown Charlotte has a great park system. This park was several city blocks and had a free outside gym that featured  a fountain, exercise bike, elliptical machine and weights.  

Overall, this is a city on the rise that is definitely worth a look. Looking forward to my next visit.