Back to Baja

As you might’ve noticed, I’ve been on hiatus for a second. OK. A little more than a second but I’ve been spending most of the last few summers with my kids since I “retired”. This year was special though. My son went off to college and I was trying to enjoy every minute before he left. I also had quite a few deep revelations during this period. But more on that later.

Today, I just to give a recap  of my last visit to  Baja California, Mexico. For our last little vacation of the summer, we hung around the Rosarito Beach area again. As I said last time, we heard so many horror stories before our trip at New Year’s and had such  great time, we had to try it again to see if the first trip was a fluke.

I like it because it’s driving distance from where I live in Southern California and the weather is amazing year round. It has never been above 82 degrees or below 65 when I have visited in summer or winter.

I can honestly say that in all the time I’ve been visiting Baja I haven’t had one bad experience.  I’ve found that it’s different but not in a bad way. I think you have to get out of your comfort level a bit, because it is another country. Still, if  you don’t want to experience different, what’s the point of leaving home?

We started off at Las Gaviotas. It is a resort community I visited briefly last time and wanted to check it out because it looked so cool. I highly recommend it. Cool community and very safe.



After a few days there, we tried condos at a place called Las Palmas. Not the hotel. Two different places.

I didn’t think it was possible, but this place was even more awesome than Las Gaviotas in terms of the views and the condo was newer. Las Gaviotas is a much nicer community. Here are a few pics of the condo we stayed in at Las Palmas.

IMG_4920 - Copy


IMG_5108 - Copy


Here are a few more restaurants and attractions we tried with a very brief description:


Vince’s-Rosarito Beach-Great seafood. Good people. Cool bartender.

Ollie’s Pizza-Just north of Puerto Nuevo. Amazing wood fired pizza. Very cool owner who greets you personally.

Try the Nutella Pizza for dessert and take it home. (I know. Nutella? Didn’t think so either, but I was wrong. Pretty good.)


Popotla Fishing Village-Great place for seafood if you want to cook it yourself. Didn’t try the restaurants here. Sanitation looked a bit sketchy.

IMG_5011 - Copy


Buy your own right out of the boat. You never know how long the other fish have been sitting there, but the fish right out of the boat is amazingly fresh and cheap. We bought 4 gigantic Red Snappers here and could barely finish them by the time we left.

Worst Part of The Trip

By far, the worst part for me is coming home for lots of reasons, but I hate waiting to cross the border. Leave early!  I left a little later this time and made it to the border around 8 am. Waited about two hours. Not horrible, but I don’t want to experience really horrible.


So I’ve been a few times, but you have to take my advice with a grain of salt.  It is Mexico after all and I speak a bit of Spanish, so I blend in so easily they actually think I’m a local. 🙂

Ok. So for those of you who never met me, this a little joke. Ironically, one of the coolest parts about my travels to this area is that there are quite a few police/military checkpoints with guys walking around with assault rifles and some of the people I talk to worry about them.

The funny thing is that because there are relatively few black folks walking around in this area, the cops seem to assume that I can’t be up to anything since I would be so easy to find if I was. 🙂

Knock on wood right? Don’t want my next review to be from a Mexican jail.

Bottom line. Visit. Enjoy. Live Da Life.