Great View and Lousy Excuse

So my posts have been sketchy lately to say the least, but I have a great lousy excuse.

I spent the last few months pondering and retooling what my blog would be. When I started the blog, I thought it would be about early retirement and living your life on your own terms. The problem is I didn’t exactly “retire”. I just “retired” from crap I didn’t want to do to work I did want to do. I think that these days my focus is more on balance than early retirement.

Dana Harbor view

dana mistDana postDana flower

Honestly, life is not totally different than when I was working for other people. I just have more space and gaps in between to enjoy life and notice things I didn’t before. I think that’s what people mean by smelling the roses.

I think the best part of being “retired” is not doing anything that I don’t want to do. I’m blessed that I get to spend my time a little differently. I spend a little bit more time looking down at the flowers and up at the clouds in a way that I didn’t before. I spent more time with my family, am in better shape and a better guitar player (which is not that big a stretch, since I was even more crappy before).

To make matters worse, one of my very good friends, who was an extremely nice guy died suddenly of a heart attack recently. One of the things that hurt me the most is that he never got a chance to experience this kind of freedom.  The only saving grace in this experience is that he was such a nice guy and he seemed to enjoy his job quite a bit. I console myself with that and it occurred to me that maybe I need to adjust my direction just a bit.

Maybe, it’s not about living to retire early or to save $1 million or to travel or whatever. Maybe, ultimately, it’s about living life fully right now. That’s really the only legitimate insurance policy, right? To live your life in such a way that if the worst happened to you or someone you truly loved, you could look back at the time you spent and say you had no regrets.

I heard recently that Steve Jobs looked himself in the mirror every day and asked himself, “If this was my last day on Earth, would I want to do what I’m doing today?”. If the answer was consistently no, he made a change. I think the fact that he is no longer here makes this even more powerful.

As for me, even now, yes is not my answer every day. Taking a page from that book though, if the answer is consistently no, I make a change. As for this week, the answer is yes.

I wrote this post late last Monday morning with my family on at a beach that is one of my favorites on Earth  (Doheny State Beach in Dana Point, California. I included a few pics).

The coolest part is that this week is my kids’ spring break and  I didn’t even have to ask my idiot boss for the week off. I’m my own idiot boss. Now if I could just get him to give me a raise…

If your answer is no to that question, what are you going to do about it? YOLO, right?

Btw, if u have no idea what YOLO means, you may be either older than dirt, totally on the right track or both. WTF. IDK. LOL.  🙂