Endless Possibilities

I totally agree with this post. Ironically, “retirement” offers so many options that sometimes trying a little of everything feels like you’re doing nothing. It took me almost a year to figure this out. I believe you can have anything you want but not necessarily everything at the same time. Someone told me recently that every time you say yes to something you ‘re not sure you want to do, you’re saying no to something else. The secret is prioritizing what’s most important to you at the moment and making daily decisions based on that.

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“If you want something done, ask a busy man”. This used to be one of my favourite rejoinders to my boss in the office when he dumped another project on my desk. I liked using it because (a) it was clear that I meant that I was both the busy and productive man and (b) it inferred he was neither.

How I miss the old bugger. I reflected on this as the sleet beat against the windows on a dull winter Wednesday morning and I wondered how to fill my day? The possibilities, the things I could do, were endless. So how come I couldn’t seem to start on any of them?

Eventually, when the sleet subsided, I decided to give myself a kick up the backside, don my running gear and head out for a five mile run (okay, I admit, it’s more of a run/walk mix). Perhaps that would start…

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