“Practice” Early Retirement Days

Here is another great post from Mr. FireStation. I’m enjoying watching his countdown to early retirement. Many of the thoughts and preparation are the same as mine were then. This one is especially true because I’m much busier than I expected to be in “retirement”. I think the difference is that I’m busy on things that matter the most to me. 🙂



I have been (mostly) out of the office over for the Christmas & New Year’s holidays and thinking about the permanent vacation I am planning on embarking on in just a few months. As such, I’ve been thinking a lot about how I have been spending my days as you could think of these two weeks as a bit of early retirement “practice”.

Here are a few observations on how I have been spending my time:

  • Not Bored, Not Once – I never felt like there has been nothing to do. In fact, I made precious little progress getting to many of things I wanted to. The holidays bring their own busy with them, but I really thought I would getting more done than I have.
  • Days & Nights Mixed Up – I am more of a night person than my career allows. When on break for the holidays, I…

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