10 Cruises and Counting…


This year, for my wife’s birthday, we went on a short cruise to Ensenada, Mexico and Catalina. This marked my tenth cruise. I’ve included a few pics from this trip.

At one time, taking a cruise was something I said I would never do. The reason for this was my tour in the Navy when I was younger. I was in an air squadron and spent my entire tour either in the air or on land.

I actually intended to reenlist but was offered a tour on a ship. I had many friends who had been stationed on ships who told me about them and the idea of working 7 days a week, 12 hours or more per day, trapped with 700 or 800 other guys at sea sounded very unappealing. As a result, I refused and decided to end my enlistment.

Years later, when people started talking to me about cruises, my response was that I spent 4 years avoiding being on a ship so there was no way that I would pay someone for it.  Obviously, suffice it to say, I’ve changed my mind about this.

For reasons I will explain later, cruising has slowly become one of my favorite ways to travel. Here’s the most ironic thing, one of my favorite parts of cruising is being out at sea.

Here are a few photos from Catalina. For those of you who haven’t been there yet, Santa Catalina Island, is an island just off the coast of Southern California. Most of the folks in Southern California just call it Catalina.  It has lots of nice scenery, restaurants and quaint little shops.

 IMG_3984 IMG_3983 IMG_3981 IMG_3980








Here are a few from Puerto Nuevo, Mexico, a little town just south of Rosarito Beach. We took a taxi from Ensenada and enjoyed a beautiful ride along the coast.  I have a friend living in Mexico who recommended this area. Thanks Cinda!

We ate at a restaurant called Angel Del Mar. It had great lobster, soups and the best hand-made tortillas I’ve ever tasted.  I plan on going back to this area soon to explore a little more and will let you know what I think.

IMG_4013 IMG_4012 IMG_4008 IMG_4007 IMG_4004