Every Monday Matters-November 30, 2015 by Olen Jones

I know…today is Monday, and, at least culturally, we assume it will be the worst day of the week, but let’s consider a few statistics about Mondays in the United States of America:

1. Today there will be approximately 5,000 weddings.
2. Today, around 10,000 children will be born
3. An estimated 42 Million hugs will be shared
4. At least four people will win a multi-million dollar lottery/sweepstakes
5. Somewhere, 600 people will get a promotion
6. Approximately 600 abandoned dogs will find their “forever-home”
7. 35,000 balloons will be sold
8. 800,000 Skittles will be sold
9. The words, “I love you,” will be said over 9 Million times

I think there’s lots of reasons to think good things might happen today, and how we approach the day will have a huge impact on how we experience it.


What do YOU think?