Every Monday Matters-November, 23 2015-by Olen Jones

This Thursday is the day…the day we’ve been focusing on for the last three weeks, to prepare our minds and hearts for a day of genuine thanks giving.

It’s not about basting the perfect turkey … or setting a perfect table … or getting the flawless family photo … or polishing the floors until they shine. This day is about gathering together with our messy, flawed human hearts in an effort to make happy memories that will outlive us all.  I want to encourage you to focus on all the things you’ve identified over the last three weeks for which you’re thankful/grateful.  Don’t get hung up on the little imperfections or the messiness.  Focus, instead on what’s good in your life right now!

I hope your Thanksgiving week is rich with wonderful, joyous moments with family and friends.

And, Remember, as Matthew Henry once said, “ThanksGiving is good, but ThanksLiving is better.”

I think if we would build the habit of giving thanks for the abundance that’s already in our lives, we might experience abundance more often.

What do YOU think?