Want things to be different?…You first

I think this is a great post on how we can all live life to the fullest starting right now, regardless of our current circumstances. Enjoy!

Small Changes For Life

My assistant and I were sitting in on a seminar of about 500 people when the speaker asked a simple question to the audience; “how many of you like your job?” Of course we both raised our hand without hesitation. Within a split second there was an uncomfortable murmur going on among the audience and as we looked around we found out why:
Out of the 500 people two had their hand raised! What ??? Was this for real? It was a shock to both of us. How many people don’t like what they do? Considering most people spend almost 9 hours at work each day, that’s a lot of unhappiness.

sometimes-you-need-to-look-at-life-from-a-different-perspective-quote-1What can be done? Is there anything you can do besides getting another job? The answer is an absolute yes. You have a very powerful gift within you called, the gift of perspective. When you decide to change…

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