I Think I’m on F.I.R.E. Should you be?

Gene Perret has been quoted as saying, “I enjoy waking up and not having to go to work. So I do it three or four times a day. “

Since “retiring”, I’ve actually learned a new term. The acronym F.I.R.E. basically stands Financial Independence/Retire Early. Ironically, I never heard this term before leaving my last job.

Early retirement sounds like a dream vacation with a chance to reinvent life on your own terms. And it can be. Who wouldn’t enjoy a laid back life with countless opportunities ahead to start fresh? Early retirement is a way of devoting your time and resources to something more important and desired in life.

But is it worth quitting a well paid job?

Before you answer that, take a look at what early retirement can offer.

Say hello to social life: Family, friends and loved ones should be one of your highest priorities. Not only can early retirement stop help you do a better job keeping in touch with friends and family, it can also provide a chance to escape from the bothersome deadlines and incessant work conflicts. Instead, you get the opportunity to pursue the things you love.

Bonding with family, weekend barbeques with friends, ample time to re-evaluate life goals, and mull over better prospects. Take up new hobbies or relive ones long lost. These are some of the more obvious perks early retirement has to offer.

Start with a fresh slate: Early retirement also comes with a plus to opt for careers you love. Always remember, you can also achieve excellence while doing what you love rather than doing something only to make it look good on your resume.

Many people take up family businesses after early retirement and often turn out to be more successful than they were before. You can start new careers as an entrepreneur, real estate broker, writer, or enter into the social web of online markets, etc. I will post soon on what I’m up to in “retirement”.

Better health: It is an escape from late sittings, sleepless nights making presentations, the neck and shoulder pains, not to mention the stress filled life and bad diet. An improved and more leisurely routine will not only help you regain your lost health but also encourage you to returning to a healthier lifestyle. One unexpected outcome for me has been a major improvement in my health. I weigh less, am in better shape, have lower blood pressure and sleep much better.

All the people reading my blog from their offices and cubicles may find this annoying; but believe me when I tell you this: ‘Life is too short to live focused only on helping on other people deal with their crap. Your crap is equally important and ultimately more so.  In fact, I encourage you to take a good look at your own crap today. But not for too long.

As I always say, if you have a job and love what you do, you are already “living da life”. If you aren’t, it’s time to plan wisely and take the initiative. Let inspiration be your guide every step of the way and you can end up doing what you love for a living.

Early retirement can be a recipe for a panic induced anxiety attack, especially if your identity is totally tied to your job, title or employer.  But if you have other passions you want to pursue or just live a less hectic life, with careful planning, you can inevitably come out on top. What you find oppressing in your current job will be remembered as a fond memory later, a little like a pet before potty training.

Now that I think about it, that memory isn’t all that pleasant anyway.