Every Monday Matters-October 12, 2015 by Olen Jones

You are the net result of ALL of your ancestors. Their lives, their genes, their experiences, their achievements have all added up to the creation of YOU ( GO, YOU! ) That is a pretty exciting reality. If they hadn’t lived you wouldn’t either. So, little pieces of all of them, the good and the not-so-good, are present in you. The next question is: what are you going to contribute to the ongoing chain? Your advancements, your health and fitness, your learning will go into the gene pool of your family. The legacy of you will still exist generations from now. Even if you don’t have children, your contributions to society will be part of the mix. Both what you do, and what you do not do will become part of the overall picture.

 I think each of us is given a set of gifts that can make the world better. Some gifts are relatively small and some are huge, but all of them add up to something that matters (YOU MATTER!). Please make the most of yourself and do what you can for others.  In the words of Sam Parker, “We’re here to make good things happen for others.”

 And, you are the result of all the choices you have made in your short life.  While those choices may define who you are right now, they do not define who you can be moving forward.  The horizon of possibility is W-I-D-E.  To borrow a line from our friends at MicroSoft, “Where do you want to go today?”

                                                           We need your contributions.

 What do YOU think?