Liebster Award Part II – Great New Blogs

Got this awesome shout out today from Captain Sparky at It’s particularly cool because they have a great blog about early retirement that I like to re-post here. Give them a look.



This is the second part of a two-part post related to the Liebster Award, a pass-a-long recognition of seemingly unknown origin, is used by small bloggers pay to pay forward a little visibility to other small bloggers (less than 200 followers).  Captain Sparky here at has been active for only about 8 months, so I was excited to get the nod from and feel honored to pass it along.

I quickly answered the 10 questions that were posed to me.  That was easy.  What wasn’t easy was identifying some great blogs that have less than 200 followers. There are a lot of great blogs, but I didn’t even know where to look for new and noteworthy blogs in WordPress.

I’m still learning, but here are 4 blogs that I have discovered and would love to share with you.  I’m sorry I didn’t get to 10, but I’ve found it…

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