Pre-FIRE Escape – “Not Bored” List

Here is a blog from a traveler on a similar I “retired” at 49. He is on track to do the same. I especially love this list. If you retire early, from my experience, you only actually retire from doing anything you don’t really want to do. As he says, even if you don’t crack the list, at least you have the choice. At least from my experience so far, I’m much busier than I expected, but I have also made a big dent in my list. Best decision I’ve ever made.



“You’ll be bored.”

More than anything, that’s the response I expect from friends & family that when I retire early next year.  The plan is that it will be just a few weeks short of my fiftieth birthday (‘FIRE by 50’).  It’s a worry that increasingly dominates my thoughts.  Will I think myself a clever genius for making an early exit from the workforce, or will I be asking myself “Fool! What have you done!”?

Many people that retire early talk about the list of things they’ve made up to make sure they are not bored.  Happily, many report that they find themselves so busy in retirement that they barely crack their list.  That would be nice, but why not be prepared?

I’ve been doing a couple of things to prepare, even though my FIRE escape date is still one year away.  Below is a list I’ve been making of…

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