New Life – Chapter One

shutterstock_140221207A little while ago, I was asked what are the top 5 lifestyle entrepreneur businesses. The answer to this is, I don’t know exactly. By definition, your top five opportunities will be based on your individual personality, interests, goals and desires. In my experience, you will have to learn this by trial and error. The cool thing is that in recognizing that you want to move towards a more perfect lifestyle for you and starting to try to live that life now, it comes to you naturally.

 My top five business lines are investing, social contribution projects, consulting, speaking and coaching, and of course, communication and media. I only came to these after “trying on” the lifestyle for years. Being a lifestyle entrepreneur is not a destination. It’s a process. I hope I want different things 10 years from now than I want today. I tried multiple business models for years before I found the ones that made me feel safe leaving corporate life.

For example, the process of figuring it out how much I loved investing, I became a real estate broker and a property manager. I found out that I’m not passionate about the day to day workings of either of these industries, but my wife is. She loves it. As a result, I still have my brokerage and rental properties to this day.

If you want to “Live Da Life”, start today by visualizing and starting to live your ideal life regardless of your present circumstances. If you’re working a job, it doesn’t matter, you can still start from there. If you’re in high school or college, start from there. If you’re retired, start from there. I’ve met quite a few prominent people who had a very hard time in retirement because they are trying to live the life “society” says they are supposed to live in retirement.

I modeled my life after people that are living the kind of lifestyle I want to live. Hey, if Bill Gates (59) and Bill Clinton (69) are still out making a difference because they want to, not because they have to, I think we all have permission to as well.  Clinton has made over $106 million since leaving office and started a global foundation. Bill Gates is worth about $72 billion dollars and I’ve seen it estimated that he makes over $23,000 per minute, yet his main job is doing cool stuff with his foundation.

Of course, I don’t have their kind of money yet. ;). Seriously though, as I always say, for me, money is not the most valuable form of wealth. Time is. And everyone has exactly the same amount per day. The difference between people who “Live Da Life” and those who don’t is how they spend it. 

How are you going to spend yours today?