Every Monday Matters-August 17th, by Olen Jones, Guest Blogger

Robin Sharma recently wrote:

“Your greatest fear is the biggest liar in the world… That fear that keeps you small, blocks your progress, limits your achievement and blinds your dreaming is nothing but a huge LIE.

You picked it up along the way. Someone taught it to you. It’s not who you truly are. But now you believe it.”

A-N-D, anyone who tries to convince, compel, coerce, manipulate or influence you by making you afraid is a LIAR! — oj

Karl Menninger said: “Fears are educated into us and can, if we wish, be educated out.”

What fear are you listening to right now that has you stuck?  What if it were true that that fear is “nothing but a huge LIE?  What might you be able to accomplish if you let go of that fear and acted on the best of who you are?  What might we be able to accomplish together?

Empty Fountain at Forest ParkWhat do YOU think?