Live Da Life!

Obviously, it’s been a while between my last post and now. Part of the reason for this is that I have been consciously redesigning my life. In March of this year, I quit my last corporate job to pursue my dream lifestyle. It has been a very interesting and rewarding experience. Suffice it to say that it has been the adventure of a lifetime.

The biggest reason for this was to spend more time on things and issues that I’m passionate about and to spend time with my family and friends. Many years in corporate life caused me to neglect many things that were most important for me in favor of things that were most urgent to others.

This is totally understandable and common for most folks, but after several deaths and life threatening illnesses in my immediate family and a health scare for myself, I finally had to ask myself what things I would most regret if I died tomorrow and make decisions today to ensure that I would have no regrets.

So, I quit my full-time job, took on contract project work and took a whole summer to do an East Coast road trip and the cruise with my family. This was by far one of the best experiences of my entire life and actually made me sure that I was on the right track in terms of setting up a lifestyle that worked for me.

Most of it has been is definitely something I wish everyone could experience and in my future posts, and I will detail the ups and downs of this process as well as lessons learned.

Wishing you the deepest joy life can offer. May You All Live Da Life!